What We Know

"Every good thing that happens between us happens first at home."

It´s All About Parents and Kids

Being a parent is more difficult today than ever before. Family and community resources are stretched and the fast pace of today´s society leaves many parents trying to keep up or catch up. But the work of parents is key. Developing well-balanced and capable human beings is important to every aspect of society.

What We Know Right Now

  • Early experiences, especially those from birth to age three, shape brain development and set the stage for individual potential.
  • Social relationships, ethical understanding and emotional control all develop first within the family.
  • School readiness is lacking in 50% of kindergarteners today and as many as one-third of high school students never graduate.
  • Reading readiness is linked to the amount of conversation at home during the preschool years. And lack of reading skill at the third grade predicts difficulty throughout school and problems in adult life.

It´s not enough to take care of our own children and grandchildren. The success or failure of every child determines national productivity, artistic expression, technological innovation, and spiritual growth. The success or failure of every child affects the society your own kids will enjoy.

Together We Can Make A Difference

Now is the time to step up and build 21st century society. Every child matters. Every mother and dad deserves our help. That´s what I´m here to do.

Find out what’s happening for children, teens and families in your community. Talk with your neighbors and with experts in your area. Examine the wealth of data presented by the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Kids Count initiative. Or invite me to get the facts for you. Either way, understand what we’re up against. Understand why being a parent is so hard.


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